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Construction project diary is a cloud application with web and Android client.
If you are a site manager, an engineer or if you work in any other profession in the construction industry, just check it out on your own.
Based on Microsoft cloud, Buildary grants you online access to your construction site actual information anytime from anywhere 24 hours daily. With its web & mobile clients, you will feel like being on site personally. Daily progress reporting is vitally important for all project members.

Writing a construction diary is a legal obligation in some countries. In others, it is considered optional but very useful. Our solution meets the most demanding legislative requirements. If you sign daily reports using a qualified certificate, the diary will also stand as evidence during any litigation.


Save your time. Take part in one of our user training lead by professional lecturers. 

With Buildary Web and Android application you can enjoy your true mobility!

Online access 24 hours daily

You can work with your data anytime anywhere you need. You can use Buildary web application working on your PC or notebook. With Android app for tablet or smartphone, you can enjoy your real mobility. If you are not online, you can still work with your last session data in offline mode. 

Many ways to reduce your daily work

Save lots of time copying the previous day data and adjust them in a few minutes. Get local weather data with just one click. Integrate Buildary with your attendance system and import the list of staff on site easily. Save frequently used terms as templates and use them repeatedly.

Sharing construction site data with your team

All project members can read and enter daily information so that no issue is missed. They can respond immediately and take appropriate action.

Speech to text transformation

It is a pleasure to enter data into the diary using the speech-to-text feature in the mobile version of Buildary. It will help you quickly and easily enter your diary statements regardless of their length.

Legislation compliance

Buildary supports certificate signature which is necessary for construction diary digital form in some countries. PDF signed with a qualified certificate signature is legally binding document.

Cloud - the best infrastructure for construction industry

Construction projects are distributed in different locations. Cloud infrastructure seems to be an ideal solution for that way of work. Buildary is running on Microsoft Azure cloud, the most powerful, trusted and reliable one. 

Fast full-text search

You can search any string immediately. A real magic compared to time-consuming paper logbook search. Pdf, text and MS Office documents attached in Buildary can be searched with full-text as well.

Easy field data daily reporting

There is no need to fill and send reports to your back office anymore. Just let your team members access the online reports in Buildary. User-defined grid views or pivot table reports are available in Buildary. 

Take advantage of Buildary features

The following are the main technical and functional features of our solution:
  • Microsoft Azure cloud-based
  • Web app (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  • Android app (ver. 6 and higher)
  • iOS app (iPad, iPhone)
  • Fully out off box solution
  • Corporate client customization
  • Unlimited data volume
  • Friendly archive data policy
  • High flexibility
  • Unlimited diaries in one project
  • Flexible diary sections
  • Section content adjustment
  • Team members current work
  • Adjustable user permissions
  • Daily reports in PDF
  • Grid and pivot grid reports
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Certificate signature support
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Cloud computing

a real opportunity for the construction industry

We decided to run Buildary on Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure is one of the most powerful, secure and accessible cloud solutions nowadays. Your data are perfectly safe on the Azure cloud. You can find more details about Microsoft security, privacy and compliance policy in Support section at

Why choose us?

First information systems is a software developer specialised in the construction industry. More than 20 years of experience help us to satisfy our clients. General contractors, subcontractors, developers, private and government employers, all of them are happy with our information systems and cloud-based applications. Among our consultants, there are civil engineers, economists and related field domain experts.
Our customers love Buildary. You will love it as well!
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