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Price list

The fee for using is always paid by the user / company who creates and owns the project in the application.
The price listed below depends on the number of project team members
(in EUR without VAT).
The users who are invited to the project team are free of charge.
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Prosíme o vyplnění kontaktního formuláře, na základě kterého se vám co nejdříve ozveme.
Jste už rozhodnuti o koupi, nebo teprve váháte kterou variantu zvolit? Poradíme vám.

Only one module included

construction Project Diary or Task Management

Cena zahrnuje hotline v pracovních hodinách
1 user
2,80€ /month (+ VAT)
3 users
7,00€ /month (+ VAT)
5 users
11,20€ /month (+ VAT)
7 users
15,10€ /month (+ VAT)
10 users
20,80€ /month (+ VAT)
15 users
30,80€ /month (+ VAT)

All modules included

construction Project Diary and Task Management

Cena zahrnuje hotline v pracovních hodinách
1 user
5,60€ /month (+ VAT)
3 users
14,00€ /month (+ VAT)
5 users
22,40€ /month (+ VAT)
7 users
30,20€ /month (+ VAT)
10 users
41,60€ /month (+ VAT)
15 users
61,60€ /month (+ VAT)

Individuální cena

If you don't feel convenient with paying for each individual project, please, contact us.
We offer a special contract and per year payment for corporate clients. This contract will meet your company specific needs and we are sure you will be satisfied.

Construction Project Diary

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